maandag 28 maart 2011

Freebie Button Baby boy, Baby girl

It has been a hell of a week...
On monday I had to go to to the vet with Misty and Nicky, they refused to eat... the vet could not find anything! No high temperature or anything else, so they got a injection that should get them back eating again.
If they wouldn't eat the next 2 days I had to call them and get back, so they could do some bloodtests.
Tuesday, Misty started eating again, YES! Nicky...looked at her food and probably thought 'You realy think I am gonna eat that? No way!' Argh...
Wednesday, Misty is eating her normal portions of food again and Nicky finally got her interest in her food back, it wasn't much she had, but still, she has eaten something! :)
The rest of the week they were still a bit more slow and sleepy, but at the weekend they both got back on their old food schedule, I am so happy! But still I don't know what it is they had, the vet didn't give it a name either, so I just think it was a flue or something.

Because of this stressfull week with my cats I decided to make a new appointment for Milo's teeth, now he has to go on Monday the 4th of April.
I didn't feel like having all my pets at the vet last week! :)

It has also been very busy with our nursery, had to send out a lot of packages and we had to get new plants today. I am so happy I have a few hours to relax right now :)

I made you guys 2 freebie buttons, inspired on the birth of little Jack, the son of good friends of us.

You can download it here

zondag 20 maart 2011

Dogs vs Cats

Tomorrow I have to go to the vet with our two cats, they refuse to eat... I already tried everything, but with no result. Hope he knows what the problem is!
Our little Chihuahua Milo has to go again next week to get two teeth extracted...eeps!
So it will be a busy week with our beloved pets.
I will keep you guys updated.

Because of all this I desided to make some buttons Dog vs Cat.

You can download them here

Page I made with one of my buttons
Kit used: PtiteSouris - In the Dream of a Child.

Little Milo!

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Wordart March

I know it is a bit late, because March is already 16 days old, lol :)
but here is a 'March' wordart for you!

You can download it here

maandag 14 maart 2011

Another Freebie Button!

Another Freebie Button for you!

Personal use only.

You can download it here

woensdag 9 maart 2011

Spring is in the air, wordart freebie!

Hi, it has been a very busy week untill now and will be busy untill the weekend! 

Tomorrow we will go and check out if there are any new plants we can buy for our Botanical nursery

Friday we have to go to the vet with our little chihuahua Milo,
he is about 10 months old now and still has some 'double teeth'.
They probably have to be extracted, eeps!

But beside all that we had some lovely sunny days and there are more to come :)
 SpRinG is in the AiR! Finally!

I made this freebie wordart for you!

Personal use only

You can download it here.

maandag 7 maart 2011

First day! First freebie!

After a few months of digiscrapping a lot! I decided to try and make my own elements.
And now finally, I have my own blog and to celebrate this I have a freebie button for you!

I will try to put on a new freebie every week, so come back soon for more free stuff.

Personal Use only.
You can download it here