donderdag 26 januari 2012

Some changes have happened in my life

Hi everyone,

It's has been a while since I was around, but here I am again :)
I have some news! Some of you already know, but I am pregnant!
I am in my 23th week already, it go's by so fast...

I left most of my CT's because I was tired a lot and didn't feel like scrapping at all...
I stayed at The Urban Fairy's Creative Team on a freelance basis, untill I feel better to come back.

In the meanwhile I discovered a new addiction...Project Life!
Just ordered the photo inlays and a album to start, I won't be making a page a week, but I want to use it for when the little one is born, can't wait!

In the mean time keep an eye on my blog, offcourse I won't stop posting freebies for you!
I am working on some, so...come back soon :)

Hugs, Tacha